Evanseck Research Group

Organic and Biophysical Chemistry

Our research program is driven by significant problems in organic, biochemistry, and physical chemistry.  We have a full range of interests, starting with the development of fundamental ideas on the “coordinate covalent bond,” and how this information can be used to understand the fundamentals of Lewis acidity, organic reaction catalysis, organometallic structures, and the storage and reactions of hydrogen in ammonia boranes.  In the field of biochemistry, we investigate the energetics and mechanism of phosphoryl transfer reactions, and design new antimicrobial agents to fight the increasing risk of drug resistant bacterial and fungal infections.


                              Theory of Chemical Bonding

                              Theory of Lewis Acidity and Basicity

                              Hydrogen Storage and Surface Reactions

                              Transition Metals in Cyclopropanation Reactions

                              Bioenergetics of Phosphoryl Transfer

                              Antimicrobial Drug Design

                              Catalysis of Organic Reactions


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Chemistry and Biochemistry


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