Group News: Fall 2013

Ben Mogesa passed his data defense - Congratulations!

Sara Dille passed her research experience II defense - Congratulations!

John Thomas passed his original research proposal defense - Congratulations

Graduate student - Breeanna Mintmier joined the group - Welcome

Welcome back our undergraduates - Andrew Adams, Antoinette Peterson, Stephen Ratvasky and Megan Hockman

Basu Group in the News:

Arsenic in rice, seePittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Hot off the press:

C. Sparacino-Watkins, J.F. Stolz and P. Basu, “Nitrate and Periplasmic Nitrate reductases”, Chem. Soc. Rev., in press (2013);DOI:10.1039/C3CS60249D.

basu AT duq.edu - Partha Basu 2013