About Us

As a group associated with both Duquesne University and the national American Chemical Society (ACS), the ACS Student Members of Duquesne University is a group dedicated to combining the missions of outreach and community with the goals of achieving and demonstrating academic excellence in the field of chemistry. We strive to aid and encourage our fellow students in their research while also exposing the outside world to the exciting chemical advancements that are being made right here at Duquesne. We accomplish these aims by offering a variety of services, from organizing focused mentor groups to hosting community-driven events. And, of course, our organization is always open to new members, and we encourage everyone to participate.


One of the most enticing reasons to become a member of Duquesne ACS is that all members receive benefits simply for joining the organization. One of the most important of these benefits is the opportunity to attend networking and presentation events. At these events, our members often have the chance to present their research to others through both oral and poster presentations. Even if you're not interested in presenting, any member of ACS is welcome to attend to view the presentations and talk to the other attendees! Additionally, the scale of these events varies from campus-wide to national! Duquesne ACS is often involved in sponsoring members to help cover some of the expenses associated with attending a national meeting. At the very least, Duquesne ACS will pay the national ACS membership dues for any member who majors in chemistry or biochemistry - all you have to do is ask!

Aside from conference opportunities and paying national membership dues, Duquesne ACS also makes it easy to volunteer in the community, get involved in research at Duquesne, and find academic help and support through small mentor groups. The only way to receive these benefits is to sign up for Duquesne ACS and get involved! We discuss volunteer opportunities and meet in our mentor groups at every meeting, so attending each meeting is a sure way to use your Duquesne ACS benefits to your advantage! Plus if you have any questions about your benefits or a suggestion for benefits we should add in the future, our meetings are a great place to let us know!

Lastly, by becoming a Duquesne ACS member, you (chemistry and biochemistry majors) are also officially affiliated with the national ACS organization. Therefore, in addition to receiving the local benefits of Duquesne ACS, you also get the slew of benefits offered by the national ACS organization! All of the benefits associated with being a national ACS member can be found on the ACS website.

Becoming a Member

Joining Duquesne ACS is as easy as coming to one of our biweekly meetings and letting us know that you're interested in becoming an official member! If you're a chemistry or biochemistry major, the great thing about joining the Duquesne chapter of ACS is that we'll also pay your national ACS dues so you can quickly become a member of the national society. And even if you're not a chemistry major, we'll guide you through all of the right steps to become a national ACS member in the quickest and most cost-effective way. So knowing that such great benefits are awaiting you in an easy-to-join organization, why not come to a meeting and see what we're all about? You can find out when and where our next meeting is by checking out our latest news or contacting us.

Once you've become a member of Duquesne ACS, there are a few requirements you have to meet to stay in good standing with the organization. First, we ask that members attend all of our biweekly meetings. If you need to skip a meeting, we ask that you let us know why you couldn't make it so that we don't hold it against you. If you miss more than two meetings without giving us a heads up, your standing with the organization may be affected. Second, all members must complete at least two hours of service per semester for Duquesne ACS. These service hours can be completed through volunteer activities or helping out with events. As these opportunities are available, we'll let you know at meetings and here on the website! Third and last, all Duquesne ACS members must register as a member on Duquesne's CampusLink website. This is a relatively new requirement for us that was issued by Duquesne's Student Government Association, and we have to fulfill it in order to keep our organization status with Duquesne.

So that's it! By keeping up with these few requirements during your academic year, you can be considered a member of the American Chemical Society of Duquesne University!.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I become a member of Duquesne ACS, will I also be considered a member of the national ACS organization?
Maybe - the answer to this question depends on if you follow through the right steps with us. Upon joining Duquesne ACS, we'll immediately start guiding you through the steps to also become a member of the national ACS organization. If you complete some of the things we direct you to, you'll be a full member of ACS in no time! As for national ACS member dues, our organization will pay them for all chemistry and biochemistry members who remain in good standing.

Are there any leadership positions available within Duquesne ACS?
Yes - Duquesne ACS is led by an executive board which also contains several specific positions such as President and Vice President. The best way to be selected for executive board membership is to participate actively in events and meetings as a new member. Existing members may be asked to join the executive board at any time based on their activity history within the organization. If you have questions about the executive positions in Duquesne ACS, feel free to ask us!

Do I have to attend every biweekly meeting?
As a member of Duquesne ACS, you are expected to attend all of our biweekly meetings in addition to participating in at least 2 hours of service per semester. If you can't make it to one of our meetings, we ask that you let us know so we don't hold it against you. If you miss more than 2 meetings without letting us know, your standing in the organization may be affected.

What presentation and networking opportunities are given through Duquesne ACS?
There are several opportunities for presentation and networking given each semester within Duquesne ACS. We frequently assist members, with both finances and planning, who plan on attending national and regional ACS conferences. For example, every year, the national ACS organization holds two national meetings. While we aren't able to send all of our members to these meetings, we always try to help out at least a few members who are interested in attending. More information about these conferences will be presented at our biweekly meetings as the application date for a given conference draws near. In addition to national conferences, we also hold mini-symposia at Duquesne where all members are welcome to attend and present. The largest of these symposia takes place near the end of each spring semester, and information about it is provided at our organization meetings.

Does Duquesne ACS work with other on-campus organizations?
Yes - our organization is constantly in contact with other on-campus organizations for both cooperative event planning as well as organization and program regulation. For example, we frequently interact with the Student Government Association and the Duquesne Program Council to obtain additional funding for our events and ensure that our organization complies with the latest Duquesne University requirements. Additionally, we're always happy to work with other on-campus clubs and organizations to create bigger and better events and opportunities. We even associate with larger groups such as the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science to host larger events such as PJAS competitions. We're always open to working with other groups as well, so we ask anyone who's interested to please contact us!